In May I had an exhibition together with our collective Freaky Friday Me and 7 others came up with artworks all relating to one of the deadly seven sins. It was so much fun. I gave myself an opportunity to work with 3D printing again. And made me realize that this was the way forward. I am now in the process of expanding my skills and re-evaluating the way I work and how I want to create art in the future.
My work is called a Festering Desire.
A sculpture made digitally and brought to life through the means of 3D Printing. The sculpture is a monster representing the disgusting nature of Lust both inflicted and targeted. Normally we see lust as a beautiful woman nude from the mind of a typical man. Now it’s shown as a disgusting being not able to avert its eyes from its price. In a cruel pain of never being fully satiated.
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